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Camera Op + Editor at Jiggin' With Jordan

Lakeland, Florida full-time

Jiggin’ with Jordan LOOKING TO HIRE CAMERAMAN! Someone with serious camera abilities to hire full time to the team. Apply

Editor Needed for Feature Film Sizzle Reel about the 442nd at FilmUp

Anywhere freelance

Looking for a talented editor to create a 2 minute sizzle reel for a narrative feature about the 442nd. Ideally,

Editor Needed for Event Series Sizzle Reel (based on the Lincoln Brigade) at FilmUp

Anywhere freelance

Looking for a talented editor to create a 2 minute sizzle reel for an event series based on the book


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Imagine a world where qualified filmmakers are accessible at your fingertips. A magical place where you can share as many jobs as you want and never have to pay a cent. A wonderland where you can verify talent by viewing their projects, credits, location, equipment, and general information, all in one place.
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Hollywood Labor Unions Reach Deal to Resume Film and TV Production During Covid

Hollywood is finally back up and running! The major Hollywood labor unions (representing writers, actors and directors) have reached a deal with studios, networks, major companies and independent producers to resume film and TV production during the covid-19 pandemic, according to Deadline. The protocols pave the way for creative workers, who have been hard hit

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Get Inspired by the Best TED Talks About Creativity

The internet is overflowing with career advice, writing advice, and directing advice… but what about finding inspiration? How can you best harness your creativity? How can you fully express yourself, especially when the world around you is a mess? Luckily, actor, writer and director Ethan Hawke has released a new TED Talk about giving yourself

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Sundance and Adobe Announce Winners of $5,000 Filmmaking Grant

Sundance has announced the recipients for its $5,000 filmmaking grant to support women filmmakers! The Sundance Institute has partnered with software giant Adobe to create a fellowship “to help female filmmakers launch successful and sustainable careers.” Eleven women were awarded the filmmaking grant this year. Each receives a $5,000 cash grant, participation in a Sundance

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“FilmUp is revolutionizing the film industry by creating a platform with resources that allow aspiring and experienced filmmakers to connect, collaborate and create. Anyone trying to be in the industry or established should be on this site.”

“Both young and more experienced filmmakers need the connections and creative solutions to help finance, produce, market, distribute and monetize their films – beyond the basic education they may or may not receive in schools. FilmUp has created that long-overdue community of resources that acts as a catalyst for filmmaker success with its online showcases, job board and collaboration tools. This is a great film industry accelerator!”

“When you’re looking to hire someone in the industry, recommendations are a must. It’s hard to find someone you know you can rely on. With FilmUp’s detailed profiles and recommendation section, I can immediately see if someone is great to work with or not. It opens the door for discovering filmmakers or actors you may not have known before and taken out the worry of hiring someone who wouldn’t fit the project.”

“FilmUp is not just another platform or network for Filmmakers. This is very much a game changing labour of love driven by professionals and visionaries with a passion for film and a dedication to philanthropy. The platform is made for everyone who plays a role in the industry. You can really see the care and attention to detail infused in the slick and simple interface. It had me at Hello. And the beautiful part is; they are hungry for your input and feedback. This is just the beginning. Mark my words, this platform will alter the 16:9 landscape and become a hub, a hive, and indeed, a place, where filmmakers go.”